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Káprázatos! Boldog tűzijáték csillog a 32. SEA Games megnyitó ünnepségén

Idő: 2023-05-10 Találatok: 128

On the evening of May 5, the opening ceremony of the 32nd Southeast Asian Games was held in Cambodia's National Stadium. On the opening night, the stadium was full of spectacular lighting, choreography, performances and fireworks. It is worth mentioning that all fireworks products were provided by Happy Fireworks and the perfect show was completed in cooperation with Shunteng International Fireworks Art team!

South East Asia Games 

Founded in 1959, the South East Asia Games is held every two years. This is the first time for Cambodia to host this comprehensive sports event in Southeast Asia. The opening ceremony was presided over by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and attended by dignitaries from Vietnam, Laos and other countries. It is reported that more than 10,000 athletes, coaches, referees and officials from 11 countries and regions in Southeast Asia participated in the games.

"Sport: Live in Peace" is the slogan of the Games. The opening ceremony featured a sound and light show featuring Cambodian history. The night sky over Cambodia was lit up with fireworks as the scene broke into revelry. At the moment of the fireworks display, the audience was amazed in unison. The fireworks effect was so dazzling that everyone's expectation for the great event was also blooming at the moment.

Happy Fireworks: Prepare carefully for this important mission

After receiving this important mission, Happy Fireworks attaches great importance to every details. In order to achieve the perfect effect of the opening ceremony, the production department and the Art team have carefully discussed and designed one year in advance. All fireworks products are customized, including many high-quality fireworks, combination fireworks, special effects fireworks, etc., covering a wide range of first-class effects and colors, presenting a high, medium, low sky trinity fireworks feast!

At the opening ceremony, Shuniteng International Fireworks Art team integrated fireworks with stadium architecture, light, shadow and music. The perfect fireworks show expressed the passion and power of sports, and also expressed the beautiful vision of world harmony, regional harmony, beauty and sharing. The night sky turned into a colorful ocean, the party into a climax with starry sky shining and streamer colorful.

At the same time, the beautiful fireworks also show the super high standard of Liuyang fireworks, giving the international audience a top audio-visual enjoyment. The related video has been popular on social networks in Southeast Asia, and won the admiration of countless netizens.