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Közeleg a tűzijátékgyárak magashőmérsékletű ünnepe

Idő: 2023-06-26 Találatok: 26

1.At the request of the Liuyang Municipal Government. High-Temperature Holiday of 2023 will begin around July 10. By then, all fireworks factories will be required to shut down for more than two months for safety reasons.

2.According to the Liuyang government, in order to ensure the production capacity of fireworks in the first half of the year, the environmental rectification of fireworks factories has been postponed to the High-Temperature Holiday to ensure that the potassium perchlorate in wastewater meet the new standard. This rectification will affect the production of fireworks in the second half of the year, and the rectification effect will also affect the restrictions on the amount of high potassium in the whole industry.

3.According to the latest price list of the shipping company, the freight of fireworks container is still showing a downward trend, and the freight to some countries has decreased to different degrees.